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I think that is important to note. Naked frat pics. Jeff Online Follow Forum Posts: Chemin Follow Forum Posts: I have heard it since my childhood over half a century ago. View a Printable Version. The earliest OED citation for buck used to mean man or fellow is dated So which is "right" and which is "wrong"? Thanks for the comment.

I believe the phrase is a slang term, and perhaps one that is more prominent in the African-American community than elsewhere.

I'm sure I'll have a cow on the forums if all this work gets wasted because spiders are stupid and can't tell the difference between a smut pictoral and a research piece. Buck naked vs butt naked. Start has not been found in Eng. I added an edit. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. At first I thought the article would be about a rodeo horse who liked to participate sans saddle so it could "buck" naked.

And, I am sort of with you on the price of the OED except that, I've come to love mine so much that I totally will spend it again when they come out with the next one, even though I know almost nothing will change AND I have online access anyway.

I am with the crowd that says buck naked. Well now that you mention money perhaps that is the origin of the phrase--for who could not identify with the raw spotlighted nakedness of reaching for your wallet to pay for your beloved's dinner with the snotty waiter looking on who already has intimated that your woman could do better and find that you do not have a single dollar to your name--you are in fact, buck naked.

Posted by Mark Liberman at August 15, I hate when language gets changed because people are too lazy or too stupid to say things correctly. Kasey morgan tits. The definitions belong over in Wiktionary where folks with the right skills, interests and lexical tools can more easily sort out the meanings and origins.

As you must have gathered already only one company can be on top of such a list, and that of course is Goldman Sachs. The Oxford English Dictionary dates the terms back to at least the 11 th Century, saying: This quote is given, first out loud, not written, and secondly, this is an address meant to appeal on a human level, not an academic one.

My expectations were surpassed. To drive the buck: So most assuredly it won't be the cowboy who is naked. I suppose being compared to an animal, depending on context, can be a compliment. Simply, Councilman Charles Barron was infuriated by the decision to show that image by the paper, and he spoke out in an interview, in which he is quoted thus: Neither, however, has a place in formal English. So far as the evidence goes, OE. Starke naked, tout fin nud.

Butt naked is for most people. Speaking of naked leaps… An association with clothing, or the lack thereof, can also be made directly.

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As you must have gathered already only one company can be on top of such a list, and that of course is Goldman Sachs.

Oh well, it's your bastardised off-spring of a language so I suppose it's up to you lot to figure out which is the correct version. So, I was left to my own devices. Nude brother and sister sex. Back to the original subject of "buck" or "butt" naked. Buck naked vs butt naked. According to commentary on other answers, "buck" was once slang for a Native American.

And I'm not sure what buck sexual attractants are, but I do hope they pay for the adwords or however all that works and put themselves on here. In Australia, buck was used to refer to male aborigines. I thought saying "buck naked" was just something the south said.

With all the introductory reference to horned deer and goats, why is it that the most ancient terminology, that of the Hart, has not left its mark? My understanding of the Wikipedia is that it is a content encyclopaedia project which is built for people to collaborate on the meaning and history of a term.

June 24, at Both expressions mean exactly the same thing. To provide a better website experience, hubpages. I like butt naked better, I guess. Not arguing with any information, just relating what I have always thought about it. Biggest saggy tits. Next is a People magazine article covering Brad Pitt and talking about his upcoming movie Troythey write: Starke naked, tout fin nud. That paper needs to be banned. Well, Randy, I thought I "knew" too, until I did the Google search and found so much crap defending the worst examples of research.

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Either variation is perfectly acceptable and anyone claiming that one is "more" correct is just shoehorning their experiences onto the English language. I'm sure I'll have a cow on the forums if all this work gets wasted because spiders are stupid and can't tell the difference between a smut pictoral and a research piece.

It gets kind of violent going further, so watch at your own risk. I wish others cared as much as I do about knowing what is right and wrong in regards to everything, not just language. MrKlorox Follow Forum Posts: To use that type of language was never done in public.

Buck naked is correct. Big ass no tits. I'm not challenging his claim, just observing that others disagree, and determinative evidence seems to be lacking. And this time the OED gives us the citations. NGrams strongly suggests the opposite.

In Old English, the word that is now spelled buck referred to a male deer.

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